Episode 20 – The Incredible Tech that glues Office 365 Together and gives us Identity – Azure Active Directory and B2B

We take for granted everyday that we can login securely to our Office 365 or Azure accounts, but do we ever wonder how that works or why it works the way it does?
Identity is a very large part of every organisation and this is the team that makes Identity possible. From Business 2 Business, Azure AD Connect, Guest access and all the pieces that fit together to make Identity in the Cloud work.

In this episode we talk with Program Manager Elisabeth Olson and Principle Program Manager Rob Lowe. They both work with the Azure Active Directory teams at Microsoft in Redmond. They give us some amazing answers to some burning questions as well as some insight into how the beast that is Azure AD works.
You can find links to their socials below.

Elisabeth Olsen

Elisabeth Olson



Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe


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