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Nicolas Blank

Nicolas Blank lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

He is a Microsoft Exchange MVP (11 years) and a Microsoft Certified Master in Exchange 2010 and Office 365, and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in Exchange 2013. He spends most of his time in the messaging world, and Exchange is a particular passion of his. Nic has been working with Exchange in one form or another for nearly 20 years, not only as a consultant but as a consumer and administrator. Over years, that focus has changed from on-premises to cloud, and with cloud to include Microsoft Azure.

Nicolas has written and spoken about Exchange for a few years, a lot of inspiration for his talks and his blog entries are gained from working with incredible people doing incredible things.

Nicolas tries to blog about where and when he speaks, so it would be great to meet you if you follow his blog regularly, or even if it’s just helped you out in a small way.

Nicolas consults to corporations and vendors in different parts of the world, if you’d like to use Nicolas, remember that he does live in the bottom part of Africa, GMT +2, but Skype, VPN and remote desktop make the world a lot smaller. Nicolas is the founder of the NBConsult group of companies and am available there to consult. If you’d like to get hold of Nicolas personally then, please use the contact page.

Warren du Toit

Warren lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Warren is a Senior Solutions Architect focused on Cloud with emphasis on Open Source, Networking and Voice at NBConsult.
He was awarded MVP for Microsoft Azure in 2017 and has spoken at various conferences, as well as being an Organiser of Azure events in South Africa.

He has an extensive Open Source and Cloud Networking background, having built global grids for global cloud providers. Warren consults to Enterprise Customers and System Integrators, with a focus of either assisting customers move to the cloud, or helping System Integrators build their own cloud offering.

When Warren is not customer focused, he tries to spend significant time sharing his knowledge on how to drive Open Source and Dev Ops Azure based workloads.

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Chris Goosen

Chris is an IT professional with a passion for technology and almost two decades’ experience working with Microsoft technologies. As a solutions architect and consultant, Chris has many years’ experience helping organizations around the world design and implement Microsoft Exchange Server. The explosive growth of cloud technologies in recent years has given Chris the opportunity to be on the forefront of Microsoft Office 365 adoption in Australia and the United States.

Chris holds the Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certification and has been an Office Servers and Services MVP since 2014, making him one of a small number of individuals worldwide to have earned both. Chris has been a speaker at conferences such as Microsoft TechEd and Ignite and blogs regularly on Microsoft Exchange and Office 365-related topics at cgoosen.com.

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