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How to become an Evangelist - Upcoming interview with Alistair Pugin

This Episode is going to be a bit different from the norm. We’re going to speak to an “evangelist,” not a religious guy on a soap box, but a technical evangelist who started as a technology consultant, but made a conscious career change to become something different. The questions that we want to ask are towards the career development of anyone who wishes to do the same thing. One caveat that I’ll note now is that many of us are in evangelist positions technologically speaking however we are not aware of the impact we provide. That leaves us open to what we can’t measure is what we can’t manage. This post is an invitation to post your questions that we will ask of our guest on the show. For ease of visibility, we would ask that instead of commenting on this post, you avail yourself of our Facebook Group at More on our features guest Alistair Pugin below:  

Alistair Alistair has worked in various capacities in multiple verticals from retail – manufacturing to government, spanning 50 to 50000 users utilizing all aspects of pure Enterprise Information Management. His current position as an Office Servers MVP in Johannesburg, South Africa, provides him with a mechanism to assist companies with designing their SharePoint environment using “best of breed”, proven methodologies to foster innovation and growth through an ECM framework while incorporating a Knowledge Management strategy. It is with this vision that he strives to provide customers with a platform for Business Productivity Enrichment, establishing communities of practice through proper analysis and building a knowledge economy that is both quantifiable and achievable.