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The Cloud Architects

A podcast about cloud, technology and the people using it

Episode 9: "This is not your Grandfathers Sharepoint!"

This is not your Grandfathers Sharepoint! In this Episode, Nic and Chris talk to two very important ladies in the OneDrive and SharePoint space. What is OneDrive.exe and why is it changing our world for the better? They also discuss how companies can move to SharePoint and OneDrive easily and not to be afraid of the big bad SharePoint

Patricia Patricia Hendricks is a Program Manager on the OneDrive SharePoint team. She brings with her 7 years of experience in desktop sync.

Navjot Navjot Virk is Group Program Manager in SharePoint and OneDrive team responsible for the backend Service, Security and Compliance features, and the SharePoint Server. Navjot has been with Microsoft for over 15 years with extensive experience building large scale consumer and enterprise services,

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