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The Cloud Architects

A podcast about cloud, technology and the people using it

Episode 11: "I am not scared of what AI will do, but what humans will do with AI"

In this incredibly interesting episode, Warren and Nic catch up with Joe Baguley from VMware to talk what it’s like speaking live in front of 90 million people and geek out about virtualization, edge computing and the endless possibilities enabled by AI

Joe Joe Baguley is VMware’s Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EMEA, He helps develop and communicate VMware’s strategy and vision with customers and partners, using his wealth of experience to help organizations reduce costs and better support users and business needs. As part of VMware’s Office of the CTO and its representative in EMEA, Joe assists VMware’s customers in understanding how to use today’s advances in technology to deliver real business impact as well as working with them to inform VMware’s R&D processes. You can find Joe on Twitter @JoeBaguley

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