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A podcast about cloud, technology and the people using it

Episode 13.1: Microsoft Cares about Developers, Here's Why! Tech Summit 2018 Cape Town

Bernd In this episode, live from Tech Summit 2018 In Cape Town South Africa, Warren catches up with Bernd Verst, Bernd is an awesome and passionate Microsoft Developer Advocate that works directly out of Seattle, coming from companies like Google and Twitter, Bernd hails from the same team as Donovan Brown and Jessica Deen at Microsoft and makes sure Microsoft Technology always keeps the developer in mind when it comes to products. Warren and Bernd discuss the various Cloud offerings from different Vendors, awesome new technology and early adoption with a couple of Life hacks and believe it or not, they walk about the weather! You can find Bernd on these links: Twitter Blog Github

Bernd is also active on the Microsoft Developer Advocates Website [and Community here] (

This Episode is brought to you by Plantronics! See the Amazing 8200UC in action below