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Episode 15: Automation, DevOps and the evolution of the IT Pro

The word DevOps seems to be everywhere at the moment, I can’t open LinkedIn without coming across a bunch of posts and articles talking about DevOps. What does it all mean, and more specifically why should IT Pros care about something that seems at first glance to be very much related to software development? I recently caught up with fellow MVPs Simon Waight and Michel de Rooij in an attempt to understand what it is and why it is something worth paying attention to.

Simon Simon Waight is an Azure MVP from Australia who’s career focus has been on the building of online software solutions resulting in a deep understanding of the technologies used and challenges faced when working in this space. He has a wide-ranging set of experiences having worked as both a consultant and an FTE and filled varied roles from development, to architecture, to release and team management. You can follow Simon on Twitter @simonwaight and visit his blog at  

Michel Michel de Rooij is a Dutch Office Servers and Services MVP and Consultant who spends his time helping customers navigate the challenges associated with migrating to Office 365 for Exchange and related technologies. Michel’s background as a developer helps him automate processes and develop supporting tools. Michel blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @mderooij

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