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Episode 16: Jeff Mealiffe and the Awesomeness of Exchange(Ahem, Office 365)

In this episode, Nic and Warren have a chat to the Perf Guy himself, Principal Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, Jeff Mealiffe We talk the evolution of Exchange and get Jeff to spill on which version he liked best! We also talk about Office 365 connectivity and the great things Microsoft is pushing internally to make your Office 365 experience better.

Jeff Jeff Mealiffe is in the Microsoft Exchange Customer Experience group, part of the Microsoft Exchange engineering team based in Redmond, Washington. Jeff is responsible for multiple areas related to Exchange deployment experience for customers and partners. He manages partner programs related to Exchange solutions, helping to build Exchange knowledge with Microsoft’s partners and increase ease of product deployment and customer satisfaction. He also engages directly with customers as a result of executive-level escalations to ensure that issues are resolved efficiently by Microsoft services and the product group and that the knowledge gained from these escalations affects future product development. Jeff uses his deep technical background to manage engineering projects either within the Exchange product or in a segment of the Exchange product ecosystem, including end-to-end management of Exchange virtualization supportability and deployment scenarios. He has held various roles in the Exchange engineering team during his 11 years at Microsoft, and his project experience and knowledge of the product have gained him recognition as an Exchange expert. You can find Jeff on Twitter @mealiffe

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