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Episode 19: Unsung Heroes

Documentation is something we all rely on, especially in today’s rapidly changing cloud world where the only constant seems to be change. Perhaps I’m a little obsessive, but I constantly use Microsoft’s documentation to confirm things, even when I already know the answer. Like many people though, I never really considered what goes into making sure I have something to refer to and keeping it up to date with all the change going on. Nicolas and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brenda Carter and Joe Davies from the Microsoft Documentation Team at Ignite recently to talk about how they do what they do, how you can help and what it takes to be a technical writer.

Brenda Brenda Carter is a Principal Technical Writer at Microsoft. Brenda works on enterprise and solution architecture across Microsoft’s cloud platforms and services, from Office 365 to Azure. Recent focus areas include security and access management for Office 365 and other SaaS services, including protection for identities, devices, and files.

Joe Joe Davies is a Senior Technical Writer at Microsoft. Throughout his career as an instructor, course developer, and technical writer, his driving concern has been presenting technical information in a way that enables someone to go from total ignorance to comfortable understanding as efficiently as possible.    

If you have an feedback, questions or comments for the documentation team, you can reach them at

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