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The Cloud Architects

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Episode 22: Governance with Antonio Maio

Governance is a big word and is a concept that is often thrown around. It seems to confuse a lot of organizations, even those who have successfully navigated the cultural and technology changes often brought on by cloud adoption. The ‘on by default’ nature of many cloud services has made it even more important for organizations to plan their governance strategy before adopting these services, so we sat down with Antonio Maio to talk about the need for governance and why it isn’t something that should be overlooked.

Antonio Antonio Maio is an information security architect with over 25 years of experience in cyber security practices and systems, product management, software development and leadership. Antonio is currently an Associate Director & Senior Enterprise Architect at Protiviti and is a 7-time Microsoft MVP. Antonio also maintains and where he shares his knowledge, information and experiences around Office 365 services, including SharePoint, Exchange, CRM, Azure and  Microsoft Flow. You can follow Antonio on Twitter @AntonioMaio2

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