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Episode 63: Tech Simplified

This episode is all about certifications. I sat my first industry certification exam in the late 1990’s and it’s safe to say that certifications and the way the industry views them has changed a lot over the years. Are certifications important or even relevant anymore? This can be a very polarizing topic, I recently asked Sly Gittens from Tech Simplified all about it.

Sly Sly Gittens is a Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft and runs the Tech Simplified YouTube channel. A lifelong learner and ever-curious about the world, Sly is committed to personal and professional development for myself and for those around him. His YouTube channel provides resources to help simplify the cloud certification journey. Sly is also incredibly passionate about supporting Women In Technology and has a WIT interview series were he talks to Women who keep moving forward no matter the obstacles in their way. You can connect with Sly on LinkedIn and can also check him out on YouTube

This episode is also available as a video recording:

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