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Episode 68: In the kitchen with Chef

We apologize for the poor audio at the beginning of this episode - we’re not sure what happened, but it does improve as the episode progresses.

What is DevOps? The answer will often differ depending on who you ask. In this episode we asked Prashanth from Chef that question. He shares some great insights with us, including how DevOps practices can be used in an infrastructure and IT operations context. We also delve into Infrastructure as code (IaC) and its usefulness for provisioning and configuration management.

Prashanth Prashanth Nanjundappa is the VP, Product Management at He is a Product Leader with 20 years of global experience in building & launching Enterprise and Consumer products with a proven expertise in building B2B SaaS and PaaS products at scale across Healthcare, Cloud Telephony, CRM, Analytics, Video/Metadata domain. You can find Prashanth on LinkedIn

This episode is also available as a video recording:

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