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Episode 85: M&A Easy Button

In today’s episode we talk to Twan, Neil and Conrad who are the founders of PowerSyncPro, a software vendor solving complex migration problems for customers in a unique way and, in the shadow of some giant competitors. We delve into their interesting story, their technology and, the problems they are working to solve.

After more than 5 years heavily investing into developing PowerSyncPro, PSP is now a world class robust identity sync and Windows workstation migration tool that facilitates cross company collaboration with ease. Written and designed by migration experts. PSP is solving directory consolidation, unified GAL and Windows workstation migration issues under a single pane of glass. It is a product that Twan, Neil and Conrad are immensely proud of.

Twan Twan van Beers is a Senior Infrastructure Architect with commercial experience in a variety of development and Infrastructure technologies spanning over 30+ years. Having been a consultant for most of this time, Twan has become accustomed to fitting in with diverse teams, with everyone working towards a common goal.

Neil Neil Langston comes from an IBM Domino background, and has worked on some of the world’s largest Domino to Exchange migrations. Neil specialises in large migration projects; tenant to tenant and Google to Microsoft. Neil has a wealth of experience migrating workloads including Identity, Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive for Business and others for a variety of customers. Neil’s passion for all things migration related is reflected in the enhancements of PowerSyncPro.

Conrad Conrad Murray has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry. As a messaging specialist experienced with Microsoft 365 and Azure, Conrad has expertise in all things messaging; Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, messaging hygiene as well as enterprise migration tools. Conrad is now using his wealth of experience to improve and innovate PowerSyncPro, to remove end user frustration with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and consolidations!

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This episode is sponsored by PowerSyncPro. PowerSyncPro ultimately makes mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and tenant consolidation a breeze. The product is constantly evolving to incorporate more scope to create a seamless migration process.

Back to the future… DirSync Drama

Twan, Conrad and Neil had, and have been, working on migration projects for over a decade. They kept running into the same problems each time with Active Directory synchronisation. Issues for user identities across multiple AD’s or companies with multiple email systems.

At the end of 2018 the team ran into some hard technical and commercial limitations with a well known competitor’s toolset they were using and needed another way. Enter Twan van Beers…

During the 2018 Christmas break, with the support of his family, Twan invested his personal time to develop a comprehensive PowerShell module based solution that could be used by internal consultants. This was the genesis of PowerSyncPro. A directory synchronisation tool that would simplify the process of syncing multiple directories or tenants to help streamline migration projects – an issue that had come up time and time again!

Production Ready

PowerSyncPro has since been developed into a robust .NET application. A highly configurable, flexible directory synchronisation software solution used by many Global Enterprise clients that can sync millions of objects and attributes at performative scale.

Windows Workstation Migrations

The lost productivity and confusion for users had to be resolved.

Again, enter Twan van Beers. Twan created the first PowerSyncPro Migration Agent (PSPMA) as a consultant driven script to ease the end-user pain associated with cross org migrations on day one. The Migration Agent disjoins a user’s device prior to migration and rejoins to the new tenant or AD post migration that allows the user to access their primary work applications: Outlook, Teams, OneDrive etc. to support a problem-free experience for the users on Day 1. With very little downtime and high levels of success rate, there is less reliance on IT support, permitting large cut-over migrations. Reducing costs and alleviating pain for users being a big win.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about the features or if you would like a personalised demo.