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Episode 88: Data is the new oil!

In this episode we’re once again joined by Philip Miller to continue our AI discussion, and this time we also invited Todd Wright from Progress to discuss data and the importance of data accessibility and connectivity within AI. Generic large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT are fun and all, but being able to leverage your own organizational data in a secure way to train models is where the real magic happens. AI is a long term program and not just a short term ‘one and done’ project. We discuss some practical guidance on how to make the most of your data and why data quality and governance are so important.

Philip Philip Miller is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Progress, a leading software company that enables enterprises to accelerate the creation and delivery of strategic business applications. He has over six years of experience helping customers and partners maximise their investment in MarkLogic by Progress, the only enterprise-grade data platform that integrates data from any source and any format. You can connect with Philip on LinkedIn

Todd Todd Wright is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Progress, helping enterprises thrive by providing the best products to develop high-impact business applications securely and reliably, while automating how you configure, deploy, manage and scale those apps on premise or in the cloud. You can connect with Todd on LinkedIn and find out more about Progress DataDirect here

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This episode is sponsored by Progress. As the trusted provider of the best products to develop, deploy and manage high-impact applications, Progress enables customers to build the applications and experiences they need, deploy where and how they want and manage it all safely and securely. Hundreds of thousands of enterprises, including 1,700 software companies and 3.5 million developers, depend on Progress to achieve their goals—with confidence. Learn more at