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Episode 89: Help us, help you!

Another in-person episode! We recorded this one at the MVP Summit in Redmond earlier this year and had a great time talking to Katie and Pablo about community as they introduced us to The Microsoft Security Customer Connection Program (CCP). Katie and Pablo help us understand the value the program provides to both Microsoft and its customers, how they gather feedback and what the requirements are to join the program.

Here are the links mentioned during the episode:

Katie Katie Ryckman is the Director of US Small Business Partner Strategy, including partner programs and The Microsoft Security Customer Connection Program (CCP). The goal of the CPP program is to drive quality customer feedback into our prioritization, design, and development process to build the best possible security solutions. You can connect with Katie on LinkedIn

Pablo Pablo Chacón is an experienced Senior Engineering Program Manager, most recently helping engineering groups in Azure gather feedback shared by the Security Engineering Advisory Council, a community of selected customers who give candid and expert engineering advice for the betterment of Azure security services. He is also the MVP Product Group Lead for Azure Security, leading the security community of Microsoft’s MVP Award program. You can connect with Pablo on LinkedIn

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