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Episode 10: Device Management needn't be complex

Mobility has been a hot topic for some time - in fact, IDC forecasts that the U.S. mobile worker population will surpass 105 million by 2020. Organizations often struggle when trying to provide flexibility and a choice of devices on the one hand and retain control of sensitive data and security on the other. We sat down with fellow MVP Steve Goodman at Microsoft Ignite late last year to discuss a simplistic approach to implementing Device Management and why it needn’t be so complex.

Steve Steve Goodman is a Principal Tech Strategist at Content and Code, a top Microsoft partner. He works with Office 365, Exchange and Skype for Business and you’ll find him either deep into a complex Exchange Hybrid implementation or in front of a crowd extolling the virtues of Office 365 Groups & Microsoft Teams. If you’d like to get in touch with Steve, you can visit his blog at or find him on Twitter as @stevegoodman 

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